Student Success Center

The office for student success was created to help maximize students’ success in all areas of their daily life at MUM. We provide assistance for students who need an extra boost in their study and language skills so they can take full advantage of the University’s unique educational experience.

These services are available to all students who are looking for academic support. The office is located in room 111 of the Dreier Building. Services include:

  • Learning Assistance for students who need an extra boost in their study and language skills. Work-study positions are available for students who wish to become academic tutors. In addition, students may volunteer to serve as new student buddies. All the traditional approaches to study skills, writing, and ESL are used, including lessons on goal setting and time management, active listening and note taking, efficient study reading, preparing for and taking exams, paragraph development, and grammar exercises.
  • Special needs: Those with physical disabilities will find the campus accessible. All major classrooms and dining facilities are accessible, as are the major social sites and needed residence facilities. MUM recognizes that qualified students who have diagnosed or identified disabilities are entitled to benefit from the educational programs of the University if reasonable accommodations can be arranged. Please contact the Director of the Student Success Center about your needs before you arrive on campus for your first semester or at any time thereafter.
Paula Armstrong
  • Director of Student Success
  • (641) 470 1384
  • Dreier Building, Room 111

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